Added Amenities


The brutal plunge is designed to treat as many problem areas as possible within a 50 to 80-minute time frame. Be sure to expect joint mobility stretching, electronic power tools, and cryogenic treatment. This is every athlete's favorite as you are sure to go away feeling that you have literally gotten banged, for your buck.


Power Nap Pod


Power Nap Pod allows you to power nap by utilizing audiovisual therapy. The top cover creates private, secure space to escape from the day. During the first minute of rest session you will receive a slow massage that prepares your body for relaxation. Audiovisual therapy fits three stages of short sleep experience: inducing, maintaining, and awakening to optimize each rest session. At the end of the power nap, you'll wake you gently by intense lighting, sound, massage as it slowly returns your body to its natural, awake state.

$40- 20 mins


We take WHO YOU ARE VERY seriously and honor the HIPPA Policy. We will treat you and it with high-priority as confidentiality is to be taken literal. We don't talk here. Celebrities welcome!

Gift Cards

The Rx Muscle Work Gift Card is the perfect gift to give a friend or a loved one. Choose any dollar amount between $80-$500. The Gift Cards can be used online and over the phone to book an appointment and pay for a session so gift it with confidence!

$80- minimum balance

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