"Never stop believing in you. Surround yourself only by good people that want to be successful and will root for you too."


                                         Ann Zahir


Ann Zahir CMLT/ LMT


Ann Zahirović is a down-to-earth Las Vegas resident that values life to the fullest. She prefers to surround herself with positive energy and lives upon the principles of compassion, a high level of class, and integrity. She will stop at nothing to satisfy her clients and will work diligently at troubleshooting their physical ailments. She continues to remain dedicated to employment with CCSD but never loses sight of a bigger vision. Ann constantly explores ways to utilize her professional skills and loves being in control of her life.

In 1999 Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and was hired to work as the sole regional web developer for North America; OnSemiconductor, a Fortune 500 Company. She married and moved to Nevada. Hired by National Publishing to work as a graphic designer, Ann eventually became their lead graphics designer and later their creative director. Ms. Zahirović’s areas of expertise extend to multimedia and building interactive tutorials. In addition, she enjoys building websites and designing her very own advertisements, videos, and promotions.

Ann always gains a fascination for something innovative. In 2015 she returned to Arizona to earn certification and credentials in aesthetics to operate medical lasers from the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, AZ. Ms. Zahirović has an intense fascination and a solid comprehension of biotechnology and biophysics of medical lasers in all classes (I-IV). She knows the scientific infrastructure by which skin treatments of all skin types and by the use of lasers are handled. She abides by the laws and regulations for the state of Nevada regarding lasers and believes in doing right by the consumers. Ann once created her own startup business in laser teeth whitening; therefore, she is entrepreneurial ambitious, and not afraid to chase after her passions.

Ms. Zahirović is a graduate of Northwest Career College and received her licensure practicing massage in 2019. She is also the sole proprietor of Rx Muscle Work℠ Ltd. and dedicates an intense passion for her specialty as a medical massage practitioner. About 95% of her clients are females with Musculoskeletal disorders and diseases. 
Catering to those on the eastside of Las Vegas, she will be accepting HPN and Sierra insurance for all Clark County employees. Ann is surrounded by many local and non-local supporters, backed by members of the Nevada State Board of Massage.

Her current hobby is learning about the latest medical lasers and adding Thai table massage to her list of certified modalities. Lastly, Ms. Zahirović has been known for her volunteer work throughout Clark County. In 2016 she began volunteering at the VA Hospital and then volunteered at North Vista Hospital. Dedicating 14 years in Special Education, Ann continues to work for CCSD.