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Providing Massage Therapy and Post-op Recovery Care Services
Post- Op Recovery Care

We are an orthopedic massage business that decided to extend our services to post-operation patients of all types while conveniently bridging the essential requirement called Lymphatic Massage after a cosmetic procedure. For example, a wisdom tooth extraction doesn't require a massage; however, a post-op recovery companion can drive you home after anesthesia.

Our mission is to care for individuals who want a recovery companion to feel peaceful and safe after surgery. Anesthesia can be frightening, so to calm the nerves, it is always comforting to know someone is present to assist your needs, even after a tooth extraction. Two hours or three days, we are at your service.

Massage Therapy

Rx Muscle Work℠ Ltd. is a medical massage business that treats people explicitly with physical injuries and chronic pain. We are known for working on athletes and those with musculoskeletal diseases and disorders.​

America’s leading causes of muscle pain are strains, cramps, repetitive movement, inflammation, and overuse of a muscle. Muscle pain and discomfort do not discriminate. It affects people of all ages and all walks of life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by receiving regular massages is an essential part of living. Rx Muscle Work℠ Ltd. puts in the necessary effort to help you better perform your daily activities.

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